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The CARE Network


“Maybe you’re having a tough time helping your friend deal with their tough time...”

Learn more about how the CARE Network works.

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The CARE Network enables members of the University community to express their concern about a person, incident, or issue by submitting one of the following reports online:

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  • CARE Referral
  • Bias-Related Incident Report
  • COVID-19 Concern Report

Making a referral or submitting a report initiates a review process and/or coordinated response involving the appropriate individuals, staff, and offices.


CARE Concern Center

CARE Phone App

An application designed to help you find resources on the University of 新萄京娱乐场 campus by concern. Select the category associated with your concern, search for your concern, or check our alphabetical listing of concerns.

Don't see your concern? No problem. Simply click the email button and we will respond to your concern as soon as possible with resource information.

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CARE referrals submitted during the 2020-2021 academic year


Number of students who referred themselves to the CARE Network

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