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Accessible parking sign in URMC parking lot

University of 新萄京娱乐场

Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking

The University of 新萄京娱乐场 recognizes that individuals with disabilities may need parking-related accommodations to allow them to access the buildings in which they work, live and study.  For these community members, the University of 新萄京娱乐场 provides disability parking accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended (ADA AA) and other relevant laws.

To request a parking-related accommodation, please follow the instruction for and complete the Application for Closer In Parking or Student Transportation

Please note that the medical information provided by your healthcare provider in support of your application must demonstrate:

  • a direct link between the underlying condition and the requested accommodation; and
  • has a description of the functional limitations of the disabling condition as they relate to the major life activity impacted by the diagnosis. It is important that the documentation also includes the diagnosis, the history of onset, methods used to determine the diagnosis, and the suggested accommodation.

If approval includes a shuttle option, all of our shuttles are handicap accessible and are equipped with a wheel-chair lift. The larger shuttles are also low floor and have only one step.  If negotiating steps is difficult, the lift can be activated to assist boarding and un-boarding of the shuttle.

Approval for temporary or permanent closer-in parking or transportation assignments will be based on a review of medical documentation that establishes the existence of a temporary or permanent ambulatory impairment.

Should approval be granted, the individual will be assigned a mobility accommodation consistent with the University of 新萄京娱乐场 Equal Opportunity Compliance Office and Department of Transportation and Parking Management policies.

Should you be approved to park in a parking lot that is close to your destination or in a disability parking area, a temporary permit will be issued. When the period of eligibility for temporary parking assignment has expired, the individual is required to return to their original parking assignment.

If you are requesting authorization to park in a University designated disability parking space, it is your responsibility to obtain a Handicapped Parking designator through your local municipality.

Only those with both a Handicapped parking permit and a parking permit from the Department of Transportation and Parking will be permitted to park in Handicapped-designated spaces. Failure to display both permits may result in a parking citation.

The University of 新萄京娱乐场 provides on-campus transportation for enrolled students that need disability transportation while on-campus. Any student with a permanent or temporary disability will need to follow the same assessment process indicated above for disability parking.

To request student transportation assistance complete the Application for Student Transportation Assistance

Once a determination is made that a student requires on-campus transportation, the student will be contacted and arrangements made to provide pick-up and drop-off at designated stops and times.

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