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Shuttle Bus Charter Services

Charter a Shuttle Bus

Hosting or attending a group event? Bus charter services are available for any University-related event by a University department, organization, or event organizer. Buses can be booked for local or long-distance travel. Round trip and continuous looping transportation is available for local travel.

All non-coach transportation requests must be submitted with a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice. All requests that are made with less than 1 weeks’ notice will incur a $50 late booking fee.

All requests for coach buses require a minimum of two months’ notice.

Charter Bus Request Form

River Campus and Eastman School of Music student organizations, please select your advisor when completing the request form.

Additional Fees
  • $10 booking fee
  • $50 cancellation fee
  • $100 on-site cancellation fee for Monroe Transportation buses
  • $170 on-site cancellation for Transdev/University buses
  • $100 clean-up fee, should a charter company find it necessary to clean the bus
  • Coach bus cancellation fees vary by company
Bus Driver Shortage Impacting Charter Reservations

The bus driver shortage in our area is impacting local charter bus companies, which means charter reservations arranged through the University are becoming increasingly challenging to fulfill. In some cases, these reservations cannot be accommodated. To help, we recommend following these tips when requesting a charter:

  • Book early. Plan ahead and request your charter with as much lead time as possible. We will handle charter requests on a first-come, first-served basis until further notice.
  • Consider the day of the week. When selecting an event date, keep in mind that charter bus availability is typically better on weekends than weekdays.
  • Prepare a backup plan. This is an ever-changing situation, so be sure to plan ahead in the event your charter is canceled due to driver shortages.

We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Tracey Austin
Transportation Coordinator

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