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New Pay Stations at Hospital Garage: What to Know Before You Park

The SMH garage is getting a tech upgrade with new automated pay stations that offer reduced-contact payment and button intercoms, making it easier and more convenient to park and pay. The pay stations go live by the end of July. Here’s how it works:

For employees parking in the garage after 6 p.m.:

Employees who have a permit with after-hours access also have the option to park in the hospital garage after 6 p.m., Monday-Friday, on levels 4, 5, or 6 onlyuntil 10 a.m. the next morning, and during weekends and University holidays. Your license plate serves as your parking permit, and the gate arm will automatically raise when you enter and exit the garage There is no need to pull a ticket. If the gate arm doesn’t raise, scan the barcode on your University ID at the entry or exit machine.

For employees parking as a patient or visitor before 6 p.m.:

Before arriving, employees without a garage permit must call the Parking Office at 275-4524. Your vehicle will be placed on the exemption list to ensure you will not receive a citation. Pull an entry ticket when you arrive and pay for parking when you leave.

To use the pay stations:

        1. Take a ticket. Visitors pull a ticket from the dispenser when entering. Make sure you keep your ticket with you.
        2. Pay before, or when, you leave. When leaving the hospital, you can pay with cash, credit, or validation at a pay station. There are stations on the ground and first floors of the garage by the You can also pay from your vehicle in the garage exit lane, where credit card or validation are accepted.

New signage will help parkers use the new technology. Garage greeters will also be onsite to assist. Parking rates will remain the same. If you have questions, please call Transportation and Parking Management at (585) 275-4524.

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