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Blue and green RTS electric bus on city street

Get a Ride


Regional Transit Service

Hop on a bus and let someone else drive! RTS operates the region’s public transit system. Save money with low fares.

View a map with UR and RTS connection points. For more information on University of 新萄京娱乐场 transportation, please visit our Shuttle page.

Plan Your Trip

RTS offers four tools to help you plan:
Transit app

Install the RTS Transit app on your phone and select the best way to get from point A to point B with RTS Connect. In addition to paying your fare, use the Transit app to:

    • Plan your route and review mobility options, including bike shares.
    • Track real-time arrival and departure information in the app or text your bus stop ID number to 20105 for the information.
    • Get step-by-step directions to your destination.
    • Find the nearest bus stop and departure times.
RTS On Demand App

Install the RTS On Demand app on your phone to plan trips on RTS On Demand and RTS Connect. RTS On Demand can take you anywhere within one of their seven On Demand Zones. Use RTS On Demand for curb-to-curb service, or meet RTS Connect service and other transportation options at a Connection Hub or bus stop.

RTS Trip Planner

Use the Trip Planner on or in the RTS Transit Center and follow the interactive screen prompts to display your travel options.

RTS Customer Service

Contact a Customer Service Representative at 585-288-1700 or visit an RTS Transit Center information desk.

Text Where’s My Bus?

You can use the Where’s My Bus texting feature for arrival info. Text your bus stop ID number to 20105 for information.

Not sure where to find the bus stop ID number?

Find the bus stop ID number on the bus stop sign. You can also search for the number by route at or call RTS Customer Service at 585-288-1700. for assistance.

At the RTS Transit Center?

The Stop ID for the Transit Center is 6000. If you are looking for a specific route, then text 6000, a space, and the route number. For example: Route 38 East Main – 6000 38. This will give you the next three arrival times for Route 38.

Pick a Ride

Maps & Schedules

Visit RTS online to find maps bus schedules with easy-to-read timetables.

RTS website

Blue and green RTS bus on city street

Fare Free Rides With U-Pass

Eligible employees can ride RTS fare free with our U-Pass program (fixed routes only; excludes RTS On Demand). Employees are eligible if they work at an approved location where a permit is required to park a vehicle and choose to forego an annual permit.

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